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Let the Holy Spirit be your guide! Inspirational stories to fuel your spiritual life.

Updated: Jan 20

Hello, I am Gina and this is my blog.

A girl standing on a ski mountain in Colorado in the snow
Birthday trip to Colorado

I wanted to utilize this platform to bring forth people I meet in my daily life that inspire me. They all have one thing in common: Kingdom-work! Ordinary people who use their extraordinary love for the Lord by spreading joy and Jesus to others.


Before we jump into introducing all of the people I've met that inspire me, I should first tell you about my own story. I began walking with the Lord when I was twenty-eight. I ran from him my whole life. When I finally let my heart open to the possibility of knowing Him, my whole world changed. He became my best friend and I've never looked back. I see Him in everything I do, every conversation I have, and love that he continues to guide me with the Holy Spirit towards my purpose.

I am turning forty this year and have found myself in a pivotal time of my life. I am not saying I fear being forty, the opposite in fact. Every year I am given is a gift and every day is a privilege. I wake up asking God, "Ok, what next?"

I've been running at full sprint towards God for awhile now. This year I slowed down to pause and reflect on what my next step was? It started with some health issues I had this summer. I have had health problems in the past, but this year was the first time it actually threatened my career. Every day my hands and arms would react in horrible allergic rashes from work because of the products and chemicals I use for my business. It triggered an auto-immune condition and I finally had to seek out help. It was a scary place to be as my doctor discussed that it was possible I needed to find a new career away from chemicals. That didn't sit well with me. I am a licensed beauty professional with two decades of experience and am also the founder of an internationally awarded 501c3 nonprofit beauty ministry.


The beauty industry was my whole life! I was upset at God for possibly taking me away from a career I was using for Him when it hit me,

being a beauty professional who ran a beauty ministry defined me.


I needed it to feel safe. It was predictable. I had security because I could control my business. It is easy to say, God is the only thing that defines you, but I challenge you to step away from everything you know and see if that really rings true? So as I waited for my rashes to heal, I decided to get uncomfortable with God and dwell in a new place he called me to explore as a writer. I spent the summer finally finishing my second novel, "Marcantoni" and also started this blog to share about my Holy Spirit challenge that happened in 2015 with the people who impacted me then and now.

a picture of a novel called Hairspray and the Holy Spirit. A year of revelations from God.
My novel Hairspray and the Holy Spirit

Back in 2015, I did a secret challenge with God to say "YES" to the Holy Spirit every time he spoke or nudged me to do His work. What happened that year was extraordinary as the strangers I met led to conversations that changed my life. I also grew spiritually in ways I never would have imagined because I was willing to step out of my comfort zone and get uncomfortable with the Holy Spirit as my guide. I enjoyed meeting new people even though each "YES" was a daunting task for a shy introvert.


God is a creator who comforts, but does not call us to be comfortable in our faith.

He wants us to grow every day to be more like Jesus and that requires spiritual discipline. Sometimes along the way we can get discouraged or complacent with our spirituality and that is why this blog and my book "Hairspray and the Holy Spirit" can help. A tool that is filled with inspirational stories of real people who walked with God and are using their daily life to bring Him glory.

I look forward to spending 2024 with you. Join me weekly to be lifted up by kingdom builders and be inspired. If you want to dig in right now to read real stories of people I met, you can purchase my e-book or order a paperback copy by clicking this button below.

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