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Published Work

When I was a little girl, my Italian grandparents would pick me up from school and feed me ice cream and apple slices. My Grandmother was a librarian and had an extensive collection of children's books in her den. My love for books began there as I would read every afternoon for hours. I have read hundreds of books in different genres but have always been drawn to true stories, historical romances, war tales, and Christian Faith. I never would have dreamed that I would write my own story but God had plans for that girl who believed in Him. I have written two non-fiction novels based on journals that are inspirational stories. These books will make you laugh, cry, believe in miracles, and consider your faith in a whole new light. 

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Hairspray and the Holy Spirit

A year of revelations from God

In 2015, Gina heard God say "You will not grow into the person I need you to be unless you say Yes." 

So she made a secret pact with God to follow the Holy Spirit's requests for an entire year to see what He was trying to teach her. She journaled the incredible personal encounters she had with Him and all of the strangers she met along the way as she discovered the path to finding God's purpose for her life and marriage. 


The unfailing love of Pili and Italia

Coming Soon!

Pili Marcantoni was a professional futbol player and the playboy of Cupra Marittima, Italy. As a founding family who lost it all during WWII, he plans to spend the summer of 1948 with his mates. That is until Italia Cruciani arrives from America with her family for summer vacation, setting off a series of dramatic events. Will Pili win the American beauty against the odds and fulfill his destiny? This true story is the romantic adventure you have been waiting for. 

Coming Soon to Paperback and Kindle!

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